"That's A Bingo!"

I've written three pages now... Two to go.
"Pulp Fiction" on the telly, lovely. Tarantino is a genius, something he really proved in "Inglourious Basterds", a movie that already, after watching it just once, is one of my all time favourites.
Watched "Moon" again today. Man, Sam Rockwell is amazing. If you ask me, he deserves an Oscar nominee (AND the Oscar...) ...

Tomorrow we're going to Annas' parents place, as I've told you before... It's going to be really fun. It always gets totally crazy when our families meets, hahah...
Gah, can't wait for next week when I'm starting working out, I really really need to get in shape.

Well well, dunno why I wrote that...

- Oh, one more thing. "A Beautiful Mind" just went on telly - is it just me, or does the horrible ending ruin the whole movie? It's such a strong movie (Crowe should've won Oscar for it, but I guess the academy didn't want to give an actor two Oscars' in a row, he won for "Gladiator" the year before...), but the ending is just SO America. It makes me a bit angry. I h-a-t-e bad movie endings... !

No, time to continue watching "Pulp Fiction", I suggest you do it to. ;-)

Take care, sweeties.

Mr. Tarantino


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